I have already done TV POD, is there a point in doing it again?

Each year the program is adapted and modernised, 2020, in particular is a big shift from previous years. It is now a virtual classroom and an all-in-one space to perfect your skills and project. Download more information here

Who can do TV POD? What if I have never written anything before?

TV POD is open to all 18+ Australian, New Zealand and Singaporean residents.
You do not need to have any prior screen writing experience or a TV series idea to participate in the program. 

What is Developer POD?

Developer POD teaches aspiring screen story developers the principles and practice of development assistance in the hands-on environment of the Accelerator TV POD. Put simply, the ‘Developers’ are the team leaders of the groups.

What is the process for a payment plan?

Instead of selecting the ‘checkout’ option, all you have to do is email the Project Manager and request a ‘payment plan’ form. 
After completing and returning the form, you will be charged an increment amount totally the registration fee – no additional amount will be charged.

What if I can't make it to all of the sessions?

Each session (except for pitching sessions) will be recorded and available as either a video or a podcast following the session – you can then catch up or revise at your own pace!

What do I need to do before POD starts?

Please ensure you have set up a Zoom account prior to the first weekend of POD. All digital workshops, masterclasses and pitches take place using the Zoom platform.

What is Immersion?

Immersion is a mandatory self-guided course that puts participants through a rigorous reading and writing regiment in order to understand writing for Television more intimately. 

When do I need to start Immersion?

Immersion begins the first week of July and is completed at your own pace. During Immersion you will learn the discipline of screenwriting and making routines. 

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